Oily Skin & Clogged Pores

Oily skin is often marked by a a shine on the face, sometimes paired with severe cases of acne breakouts. If you have oily skin, it may be due to genetics or you may have frequent hormonal changes. You also produce an excessive amount of sebum, which is usually triggered by hormones.

Unfortunately, those with oily skin are prone to acne episodes that may include whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules, and their skin will appear greasy all the time. On the positive side, if you have oily skin you get a boost when it comes to signs of aging. You’ll have less wrinkles and your skin will seem to age more slowly!

Even though it may seem contradictory, if you have oily skin you’ll still need to use a moisturizer. Otherwise, you skin may start producing extra sebum, which could make acne worse.


The scale uses a numbering system of 0 to 5. Here’s how the numbers rank on the scale:

0 – won’t clog pores at all
1 – very low likelihood of clogging pores
2 – moderately low likelihood
3 – moderate likelihood
4 – fairly high likelihood
5 – high likelihood of clogging pores
Vegetable and seed oils have two types of many types of fatty acids, but two are the primary focus for skincare – linoleic acid and oleic acid. Research has shown that people with acne have low levels of linoleic acid in their skin’s surface lipids. Adding these fatty acid-rich oils topically is the best way to address this problem. Alpha linoleic acid (an omega-3) and linoleic acid (an omega-6) are both considered “essential fatty acids” because the body cannot produce them on it’s own.

Which oils are Non-Comodogenic?

Some fantastic oils which are rated 0-1 non comedogenic include Argan, Blueberry, Hemp, Pomegranate, Rosehip, Squalane, Tomato, Safflower, Watermelon and Grapeseed. Check product ingredients, and look for these oils in your next purchase.

Stay clear of highly Comedogenic oils such as Coconut, Cocoa, Flax, Macadamia, Marula, Moringa, Palm, Sesame, Soy & Wheat Germ.

Emerald Elixir

This is our magic potion, a non-comedogenic facial oil containing only pure plant oils that work to nourish oily or blemished skin, without clogging pores. Each plant oil has been chosen specifically to balance sebum production and calm the skin.