You’d think safety comes first right? Most people believe that just because you can buy skincare in your supermarket, that it’s been thoroughly tested for safety. But this just isn’t true!

FACT Up to 80% of chemicals used in skincare have never been tested.

FACT Our bodies absorb what we put on our skin.

FACT The products lurking in your bathroom contain up to 100% chemicals! Just read the label! Commonly parabens, synthetic fragrances – a common allergen, SLS, triclosan, phthalates, formaldehydemineral oils, petroleum derivatives (yes, petrol, that is real).

Since each skin and bodycare product commonly contains between 15-30 different ingredients, that’s a lot of exposure. According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group), 1 in every 13 women is exposed to a known or suspected carcinogen, every day. Plus conservative estimates agree the majority of women use about 12 to 15 personal care products a day.

Do the maths and you’ll see this equates to a daily exposure of between 180-450 unique chemicals interacting with each other in unknown ways. Not to mention, the longterm effects of absorbing chemicals through our skin isn’t widely understood.

Is the risk worth it? Chemicals are cheap nasty ingredients, they don’t benefit our health, and they are harming the planet, plastic microbeads being a good example of marine life devastation.


I started to read labels, and looked up each long-ingredient-name for its safety. Some had clear toxic warnings, some had no safety information whatsoever! I found NO commercially available skincare product completely safe to use. And I was sad to see my local salon where I like to go in for pampering from time to time, also sell chemical laden products – just much more expensive ones!

So I started researching my heart out, formulating, practicing and testing. Over a 2 year journey, I made every skincare product I personally use, and that my friends and family requested.

The Saltwater Naturals skincare collection is simple, effective, affordable and smells of beachy-joy captured in a bottle. Natural products that are affordable, because we want every Aussie girl to have the choice to say no to putting chemical on their skin.

Our customers have sensitive skin, dry flakey skin, acne, wrinkles, oily skin and finally find relief with simple, natural beauty.

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Discover the power of Natural Beauty.

Made from 100% Natural and Naturally derived plant based ingredients.

The Saltwater Naturals skin care line is free from synthetics, artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens, petroleum, sulphates, and a whole lot of other nasty ingredients. Instead, we use luxurious and rare ingredients such as Seaweed Extracts, Raw Honey, Fruit Enzymes and Wild Flowers to deliver naturally powerful (yet, gentle!) results. We offer over 40 products, each handcrafted and hand poured in small batches to maintain premium freshness, scent and colour.

Honest. Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Toxin Free & Australian Made.  95% of products are also Vegan.

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