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From winning The Block in 2017, to being the face of big brands such as Myer, Seafolly and Range Rover, Elyse Knowles is one hard working, determined young woman. Model, Designer, TV, at 27, she’s got a lot under her belt already and I’m betting this is just the beginning.

But if you follow Elyse, you’ll see her passion for the environment and sustainability, living green + clean, and her wisdom around social media and product choices simply shine through. Which gets us really excited!

We asked Elyse her thoughts on Natural Beauty and making product choices in an industry where pretty marketing and ‘followings’ can steer us in the wrong direction.

You’re such an amazing advocate for natural beauty. What does the idea of ‘feeling pretty mean to you?

“Feeling pretty to me means feeling natural. Less is more in terms of make up, hair & fashion.

The minute I feel wholeheartedly myself, is when I feel confident & content in my body. There should be nothing to hide behind.”

If someone wants to ‘go clean’ with their beauty routine, where should they start?

“I’d encourage everyone to firstly not be too drastic. For example if you are halfway through a product that you’re interested in replacing – try & finish it off before throwing it out. The last thing I want to do is encourage waste.

A clean skincare routine to me, is just about using products that accentuate the real you, instead of transforming you. For example a simple tinted moisturiser (with SPF) is lighter & more comfortable to wear compared to a thick foundation.

In the daytime, try & use less to let your skin breathe.”

I just loved reading your Earth Day Blog post. What are a few ways we can incorporate eco friendly choices into our every day life?

“Think before you do! When you are doing the most simple of things, for example throwing out your mail, remember to use the right bin.

It’s so sad how many recyclable goods go into the wrong bins & end up in landfill. The tiniest effort at our end can make a huge difference!”

Elyse shares with us some tips like avoiding plastic, reusing containers, picking up rubbish and how small changes can make a big difference.

When it comes to skin and body care, what do you think stops people from making healthy product choices?

“Marketing! We are prone to buying things because we fall in love with the bottles or the labels. While things might look cute, we have to ask ourselves – what is on the inside?

Turning a product over & reading through the ingredients is important. Any product that has a healthy amount of natural additives will stand out because you’ll be able to recognise many of the words on the back. If it all looks like gibberish & you can’t understand it – I’d say it’s a good idea to pop it down & doing some more research before spending your money. Knowing what goes onto & into your skin is vital.”

You are so honest with your followers. As women, how can we better support each other amongst all the pressure to look and feel perfect?

“Post more natural, filter-less pictures! We have nothing to hide or cover up. We are all enough just the way we are.”

Instead of bikinis and booties, Elyse chooses to show off her fun, carefree nature, knowing that being real and raw will inspire her 900k followers, which gives back something invaluable to the community.

How important is it to you, to choose products that are Natural, Cruelty Free, Australian Made or Vegan?

“I choose Natural & Australian Made as much as I can and Cruelty Free always!!

Vegan is slightly tricker because of the common ingredient beeswax, but I am conscious of what is Vegan and what is not.

I go through bouts of troubled skin, so I have to be very aware & careful of what I use to ensure I don’t encourage breakouts. While I would love to use 100% natural products 100% of the time, there are times I do need treatments or products with a slightly more scientific ingredient list.

The most important think about skincare is research. Know your skin, know your products & be wary of any possible side effects. The skincare world is complex, so you have to be responsible for your own health & not be too trusting of ads & pretty packaging.”

When you’re not busy working and travelling, what are some of your favourite things to do to relax? 

“Being at home or by the beach with Josh and the dogs! Bathers & a hat on, no make up & barefoot. To me, this is heaven.”

In a time where filters, fame and marketing are pulling at our attention, the idea of a skincare routine that fosters self-love and positivity is simply refreshing.

Now that Australia is starting to catch on to the idea about clean beauty, we’re grateful that awareness is now growing around healthy product choices. It’s important to really look at what you’re putting on your skin, because our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it does soak up what we put on it. So if there are Natural Products that really work, and make a difference to your skin, then why wouldn’t you?

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