S A L T W A T E R   N A T U R A L S

Our products are made for the girl who is searching for clean, honest products containing pure nourishing ingredients, with scents of beachy-joy captured in a bottle.

Creating products using all natural ingredients, we are a holistic brand standing out in the toxin-filled and chemical-compromising skincare and beauty industry of today. We love to use vibrant botanicals, mineral rich clays, vitamin filled fruits, healing herbs, raw nectars, ocean minerals and essential oils. Resulting in plant powered products which are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. We believe in the power of nature to obtain the results that you can see and feel.

Our treasures are Cruelty free. Most of our products are also Vegan. Hand poured in small batches on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia.

We donate 10% of all profits to Charity. You can read more about our Charities here.

When something is made by hand with love, you can feel it. Each product at Saltwater Naturals is hand made, hand crafted and hand poured for you. We are passionate about our products and choosing healthier skincare options.

We hope you fall in love with your skin care ritual, celebrating the senses and giving your skin the care it needs to flourish.