O U R   S T O R Y

Since my teens I had always been unhappy with the skincare I tried. From developing tight dry skin from one product, to breaking out from another, my skin would go up and down with every new product and I never found anything that made my skin truly happy. I even turned to natural products, but started to see “natural” claiming products commonly included a fruit or flower, and the rest of the formula was in fact full of chemicals. Unfortunately all too common with mainstream brands, as chemicals are cheap, but also toxic to our bodies.

I was after a healthy glow, and I finally found it from the inside & out. In 2017 I started formulating my own products. Saltwater Naturals combines my two passions in life, the Ocean & Organic Living. My love for the Ocean, to me is a simple blissful beach walk, soaking up summer rays, and snorkelling on our travels up and down Australia’s beautiful coast line. Where the Sun meets the Ocean is where my happy place truly is. I have also been on a journey of prioritising my health since becoming interested in nutrition and natural therapies. I’ve been choosing clean, toxin-free products and healthy eating habits for the past decade or so. I’m absolutely fascinated how are bodies are made to thrive on what Ocean + Earth provides for us to live, and flourish.

All of our 100% natural beauty products are made in our very own studio, and we don’t settle for anything less than effective, high quality plant powered ingredients to help you choose eco friendly, natural, cruelty free and Australian made skin products.

My other creative outlet is Lilly & Lace and love that so many other Aussie small businesses are branching out with their own ideas and putting their dreams into a reality.

I look forward to helping you care for your skin kindly, gently, and naturally.

Janna x